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June 17, 2012
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BBB - Josie and the Pussycats by EuJoyuen BBB - Josie and the Pussycats by EuJoyuen
ERod takes the Pussycats by the tails.

Trailer: [link]

Link for the episode: [link]

Drawings by ERod (find him at TGWTG, Youtube and Official Website)
Painting by me

Commisions are accepted.

Preliminar note as well:
As always, art here, video/subject at comments section for ERod boss. I don't think boss visits my account so much.

My opinions on the movie:
I will confess. I was a big fan of the Josie cartoon when I was little and played Jossie surfing out of the island... embarrasing childhood memory, don't make fun of me. Now it's just one of those shows that make me roll my eyes... Oh yeah, and the Outer-space series were uber-stupid. Seriously, it was so stupid that they added a little pet that was an Orbitus-clone. I liked the first series back then and this movie... it's not as bad.
I watched it and I really liked the casting here. Alexander is Rubin from Road Trip (yes, I also like that movie). Believe it or not, I liked Tara Reid in this because she was the most like Melody... and of course I didn't like Alexandra in the movie, she was more pathetic and annoying here than in the cartoon. Alan is bland as hell and at least Josie and Val are well portrayed. I get the idea of the product placement and it doesn't bother me at all (don't blame my publicity and design background, I understand that was the point), but they never get to resolve the brainwashing conspiracy.

My opinions on the review:
Althought I liked the cartoon and the movie was sorta of passable for me, I agree with everything boss said about it, but I have to say there are details of the movie are missing in the video (not that they are relevant to the video, but I'm pointing these ones because of all the reasons I explained for the subject... because I'm nitpicky about Josie and the Pussycats xD).
-ERod never mentions the product placement, but I don't complaint about this like many others because it's completely irrelevant. The idea is commercialism and brainwashing, we don't need to know if the examples are real or not.
-Adaptation of Alexander and Alexandra's roles in the movie. I think they were left to the sides in this movie and they could have been involved more in the plot, but instead took the roles of butt-monkeys and comic-reliefs. I completely ignored Alan, so I don't care about him.
-Dujour survived the plane crash.
-Wyatt and Fiona hooking up was completely pointless by the end of this.
-Also there was a reason they wanted to kill Melody too. Melody actually guessed all the conspiracy and blurted it before Wyatt and Fiona dissmiss her as dumb imagination. It's one of those jokes of "the stupid blonde had a moment of revelation".
they had a live action movie???
Mild-Man-Nerd Jun 17, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Good thing it bombed, otherwise more scooby clones would have become movies.
Oh Shit! Erod is so gonna destroy this film from the fabric of exorbitance :fear:
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