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July 29, 2012
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BBB - ERod v. Episode 1 Vol. 3 by EuJoyuen BBB - ERod v. Episode 1 Vol. 3 by EuJoyuen
And the conclusion of the quest. Happy 100th episode!

Trailer: [link]

Link for the episode: [link] at

Drawings by ERod (find him at TGWTG, Youtube and Official Website)
Painting by me

Commisions are accepted.

Again, any comments related to the video, direct them to ERod at his comments sections at or his youtube account. I prefer reading comments about the title card here.

And also remember: ERod is the one who draws the cards, I'm his awesome sidekick painter artist (?) XD.

My Comments:
Ok, I've been reading some of the negative comments for the videos, and I'm not going to argue with the ones who are making technical observations, but there's a difference, big difference, between giving constructive opinion with intentions to express and improve and being a pretentious prick (and I'm referring to the insults and stupid complaints to put ERod out of the site... really? Put your fist in your mouth, please.), and I'm referring to the latter as trolls, not the former.

ERod really takes in consideration all the critiques, but you can't help it, the videos are already made. What you can expect is that he's going to improve.

And it's really subjective on how good or bad it was. I personally liked this special and the direction it took, and I'm glad I could help, at least with the title cards, which were a lot of fun to work.

So this is it, the conclusion for the 100th episode. Enjoy it. If you didn't, well, it'll get better.
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DrunkardHu Jan 10, 2014   Filmographer
I love your portrayal of Marsha (?). She-rod is awesome and I look forward to see more of her in Erod's video. They are another great couple in the world of Internet.
I must say, and I'm gonna be honest here. I'm no hater of the Prequels, nor am I really a fan of them. However, at the same time, I am not a fan of the Originals, but at the same time I hardly enjoy them the same way I do the Prequels. The overuse of parody after parody and reference and references later, the Originals have become so watered down that by the time I finally saw the full films I felt totally bored because I knew EVERYTHING that happened beforehand, plus not to mention how over exaggerated some of the hate towards the Prequels are.

HOW do the fans know what is Star Wars and what isn't when it comes to the Prequels? THEY CAN NEVER, UNLESS THE ORIGINAL CREATORS HAD ANYTHING TO SAY ABOUT IT. That's always how it's been, and always how it will be for the end of eternity. The numerous parodies and references to the Original Trilogy have REALLY watered them down A LOT. I can never look at them and see the same things I see about the Prequels, I mean even if the plot is more simplified, everything about it is so cliched nowadays that I wonder WHY they even bother with Star Wars at all anymore.

Personally, Star Wars' era has ended. OVER. Not because of the Prequels, not because of the Originals, but because of those who love the franchise and their numerous references (Also spoiler filled I should mention) that completely RUIN the experience when you go to see the actual deal. Man, if I was only around from the time of IV's first release in theaters MAYBE I would've enjoyed it more, but when I saw it, I was constantly having trouble paying attention because A: I both know what happens already, no thanks to pop culture on that, and B: The first was a bit more of a slow start DESPITE the fact we start off in space with an Imperial Star Destroyer. The fact that they start at a scene like that, THEN go through the numerous scenes that occur prior to actually getting out of the space port.

Personally, after all I've been able to experience from all six films, I have more personal reasons to hate the original trilogy than I do the prequel trilogy. THAT is my opinion on that, and I'd like to see anyone who has both never seen the originals other than the numerous references, and only after THAT, watch the originals and see if they feel any excitement from them. If they do, then maybe I'm overlooking something, but after the numerous times I've watched both trilogies, I highly doubt that's gonna happen for me.
EuJoyuen Mar 13, 2013  Professional General Artist
Wow, dude. Thanks for the opinions. Please post them to ERod too, he doesn't frequent my Deviant.

What are your thoughts on the videos and the title cards? I'm curious :D
As for posting that to ERod, I normally post such comments on YouTube, but given the character limit I had no other choice but to post it somewhere else. I usually don't get any response by posting such comments on the TGWTG videos, even if I can fit the characters in somewhere. I'm honestly better off putting those comments of mine in my own review of both Star Wars trilogies.

As for ERod VS Episode I, I mainly didn't watch it for a few reasons, mainly because I was at least expecting he'd review the movie, because I was SERIOUSLY wanting opinions other than RLM's review as to what exactly was wrong with the movie. Now of course, before my own review, I'll most likely be having to re-watch the movies, but knowing how often Spike has all six shown for marathons of sorts, that won't be much an issue.

The title cards on the other hand are pretty interesting. Definitely something different from what I usually see, but I honestly think the title cards raise too much expectations a little, I mean, not so much for all the other reviews, but for this 100th episode special in question. Honestly even for this I can't give a review for yet, because I have not watched the special in full yet, but once I get over the fact that it's not a review I'll get to watching the whole special.
EuJoyuen Mar 14, 2013  Professional General Artist
I mean, I don't want to be rude, but most of the comments I get here are about Episode One, but neither are about the videos or the title cards. I don't want this to become a opinion forum. But I still appreciate the visits and the favs for the arts. Please, keep supporting the Blockbuster Buster's show :)
EuJoyuen Mar 14, 2013  Professional General Artist
Well, yes. Glad you post here... about YOUR opinions of the movie... but ERod still doesn't go around here. At all. In that case it would be better for you to send him an email because I don't really debate about Star Wars, it's not my thing (I still like the original trilogy, but still). Leaving your opinion is fine, I guess.

I usually don't tell people what to watch, but just give it a try. This is not a review, it's a parody and a commentary of the film and a 100th episode made by him, with the help of his friends. He's having fun making it and that's important, even more than complaintning about a movie franchise. And don't watch it expecting it to have a full riff on Episode One. Why? If you're interested, these aniversary special parts have commentaries in ERod's youtube account.
Dim432 Sep 11, 2012   Writer
Erod: That's the star wars Prequels they are...

Reviewer: The best movie's ever.

Erod: WHAT! your standing up for it.

Reviewer: oh yeah i am, 1 2 and 3 push the Boundary's and simply giving us the star wars felling that we had in the late 90s and 00s, Ep 1 2 and 3 had some memorable moments like The pod racing the Trade federation The Clone Troppers The Gungan, Couresant. and even those Epic battles in 1 2 and 3,. Unlike 4 5 and 6 where safe and forgetful but i dose have a share of Memroble characters, but their space battles where short and didnt have any hype....But give 1 2 and 3 Credit i did have updates like The epic space battles the ground battles and also those Epic Lightsaber battles.

Erod: well to your Credit Reviewer i know what your talking about these update that Lucas made but still ep 1 2 and 3 aren't good Movies we do nicpic about the things that are wrong like Jar Jar Binks The pod Race, Jake Lloyd, The clone Troopers, The relationship between Anakin and Amadala, or even the CGI these Prequals are forgetful and that's why i bust them.

Reviewer: well i do Agree and i disagree about things you said, 4 5 and 6 did have a bit of Bad things but never took any risk's What so ever while 1 2 and 3 did take so many Risk's that i feel like their the best by pushing the boundary's and showing us the Culture and also the memorable locations.......So i guess that the debate for the worst star wars movie still up for debate and i do fell like ep 6 is the worst.
Dim432 Jul 29, 2012   Writer
"at last we will have revenge on the Jedi, at last we will have revenge."

Dath Maul
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