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April 22, 2013
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BBB - Alvin and the Chipmunks 2 by EuJoyuen BBB - Alvin and the Chipmunks 2 by EuJoyuen
I'm lazy again.

Watch the video: [link]

Bit note, please. Don't turn the comments section in another debate forum for wether Alvin and the Chipmunks is good or bad, because ALL REVIEWS ARE SUBJECTIVE OPINIONS. I'm really not into the topic at all. I would really like more comments about the title card (because yeah, they take work) or the video (which is joy for me because that means we're getting views and all the videos, ultimately, are being made for you all to watch). That doesn't mean I'll be a bitch to whoever comments here about Alvin, I'm just going to be nice as always and encourage you to enjoy the jokes.

ERod is the one who draws all the pieces for The Blockbuster Buster, not me. I'm just the painter. I'm allowed to post the cards at my DeviantArt account for promotion purposes.
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Considering that I have watched the Squeakuel, I'm the first to say I can understand why they are attached to a rocket and are about to be blasted off to god knows where. :P But enough about the movie.

One of the main things that I can't help but notice about the picture is the rocket itself. It leaves me with the impression that this rocket is one of those cut and paste pictures that most people do when they're in a hurry. I think the reason for that the lining and sketching is completely different from everything else, especially the chipmunks. While the chipmunks look naturally drawn as they have certain quirks drawn on them that can be attributed to the way an artist draws them; the rocket just looks way too perfect to be drawn ^_^;; And it just feels out of place personally.

But I will say, I love the way you drew the chipmunks, while I did mention that they have a certain quirk drawn on them attributed to the way the artist draws; you still managed to make them each individually noticeable, not just because of the different colored shirts they are wearing: Theodore being short and fat looks more plump in this picture then the other chipmunks, Simon still the tallest and has his trademark glasses, while Alvin looks remarkably skinny and that his shirt has that distinctive pouch that most hoodies seem to have nowadays.

I also got to say that the match fire looks really good: not only is the match completely visible in the fire, the flame has the realistic faded color scheme that does not make the tip of the matchstick hard to see. And the hand is drawn decently to, though I do have an issue with the thumb. Is it me, or does the sections look like they are bulging outward? I know what you were trying to do with making the thumb more realistic by making it curve when one tries to straighten it out :), but doesn't the joint of the thumb should be the one that bulges out the most? XD It looks like BB got two seperate bee stings on different sections of the thumbs inner side and now they are swollen. But again, it's pretty minor so it's not something to fuss over about :)

Overall, this is a very well done piece of work, but it does have it's flaws that I do think need some working on. May the art gods be with you and that you improve on your talent~.
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Good work on this title card you and Erod have done, as usual!
Dim432 Apr 22, 2013   Writer
To be fair mochavia-chan. i like the first one cause it goes back to my childhood in the late 90s and even the Go to the movies speical i think was a brillaint tribute, and the first was quite good and its a guilty pleause for and experiance and yeah the 2nd one i think was a step down.

i think you coldve had The Chipetts on that rocket instead of those 3 (simon is my favorite.)
EuJoyuen Apr 22, 2013  Professional General Artist
1. I DON'T draw them. It's ERod who does the lines. I paint for him. and 2. The cards have a continuity and ERod made them so it could be connected to the first Alvin title card.
Another highly amusing title card. Something tells me that down the line, one of the later villains
is going to make ERod review Chipwrecked.
EuJoyuen Apr 22, 2013  Professional General Artist
You can bet the next year arc ;). You have figured the yearly pattern?
Just a lucky guess on my part. From what I've seen of the other
reviewers; if they review one bad sequel, they're bound to review
all the bad sequels. Just look at Marzgurl with Land Before Time
and MikeJ with Beethoven, as examples.
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